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Thank you for visiting this site on nondestructive testing.  If you are not familiar the the term nondestructive testing, it refers to the testing and inspection of parts without causing damage to them.  You may be familiar with some NDT methods, such as X-ray and ultrasonic inspection, from their use in the medical industry.  NDT methods are used to make sure that critical components on airplanes, trains, and automobiles are defect free.  NDT is also used in the quality control departments of many other industries to make sure that product quality is high. 

If you are visiting this site to collect information on NDT as a career field to counsel a young person on career choices, we have listed to the right a few links that you should find most useful.  There is currently a big demand for technicians and engineers with NDT training.  As our nation's aircraft fleet and infrastructure continues to age and develop problems, the need for personnel trained in NDT is expected to grow.  NDT technicians and engineers typically work with computer based instruments to make measurement and, therefore, need strong backgrounds in math and science.  The career field of nondestructive testing offers many benefits and opportunities, such as interesting and meaningful work, abundant job opportunities, and generous pay.  Please continue to explore this site for more information.

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