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Whether you are an instructor of a NDT course or just provide a brief introduction to NDT as part of another technology course, such as welding or aircraft maintenance, we hope that you find this site to be a resource.  This site was created with funding from the National Science Foundation to serve as a focal point for NDT education on the Internet.  It is hoped that NDT educators and professionals will use these materials, critique these materials, and contribute to these materials to continually raise the quality of NDT education.  We encourage you to become an active participant in this endeavor.  While there are some excellent printed resources available, it is believed that the graphic, dynamic and interactive nature of these materials will improve the understanding and retention of the information.  It should also be noted that these materials are not intended to be a stand alone course in NDT, but rather as supplementary materials. 

The site will also serve as a convenient means of sharing education materials related to the field of NDT.  An example is the "Introduction to Nondestructive Testing" material that was developed to allow instructors of a variety of technical education subjects to acquaint their students with the basic NDT methods.  It is also hoped that this site will serve to increase the recognition of NDT as a career field and attract students to eventually help address the shortage of NDT technicians and engineers.  You are encouraged to explore the entire site, but the links to the right will take you to material that you will probably use most often.

We are interested in any comments that you may have about this site, but are especially interested in hearing how you are using the materials. This information will help us to evaluate the impact of this site on NDT education.

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