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Teaching is a very challenging and rewarding profession. Some teachers have more success than other because they have developed certain teaching skills that motivate students to learn, help students to stay focused, and provide students with self-learning skills. The pages in this area were prepared to provide educators with some tips to improve the potential for learning in their classrooms.

General Teaching Tips

NDT Specific Teaching Tips


Typical NDT Technology Curriculum

While the requirements might vary slightly from state to state and the order in which classes are taught might be slightly different, most two-year NDT program have a similar curriculum. A typical curriculum for an AAS degree in Nondestructive Testing Technology is presented at the following link.

Typical NDT Technology Curriculum


Downloadable Material

Real-Time Radiography
Course Booklet

Lesson in Radiography Using an X-Ray Simulation Program


Peers to Contact

Sometimes it helps to talk things over with one of your peers. If you are an NDT educator, the contact information for many of your peers is available at the link below.

NDT Educators Contact List


Links for Educators

This links page contains a list of web sites that contain information that educators may find useful. The sites range from other NSF sponsored sites to Department of Education sites.

Links for Educators


Links to Industry/Organization Sites with Information on Teaching/Education

The following link will connect you to a page with a number of different kinds of industry and organization web sites. These web site may contain information that may be beneficial to your teaching or research.

Educational Web Sites