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Physics educators always seem to have so much fun with all their little experiments that demonstrate the various interactions between time, space, energy and matter. Since NDT is basically applied physics, why shouldn't NDT instructors have some fun too. The information on this page was developed to provide instructors with some experiments and demonstrations that can be done to help students grasp the science of NDT. An understanding of the science that drives NDT measurement is essential in developing technicians the strong problem solving skills that industry is demanding.

Please submit ideas for additional NDT teaching tips to ndt-ed@cnde.iastate.edu.


Signal Interpretation

Sound Reflection - Seeing is Believing

Developing a Distance Amplitude Correction Curve

Eddy Current

Demonstration of Lenz's Law

EC Depth of Penetration





Film Artifact Recognition

Focal Spot Size - Measuring It

Lead Screen Use

Source/Object Orientation



Applicable to Multiple Methods

Using a Light Meter to Demonstrate Newton's Inverse Square Law