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Real-Time Radiography Course Booklet

Real-time radiography is an advanced nondestructive evaluation technique that is gaining wide use in industry. The method uses a standard X-ray system with the addition of an image intensifier or other detector to examine components in real time rather than with film. This allows components to be moved and rotated during the inspection, which results in better inspection coverage at higher inspection speeds. Since the inspection technique requires the specialized equipment such as the image intensifier and sample manipulation system, special knowledge and training is required.

The Real-Time Radiography Booklet was developed by the Collaboration for NDT Education to teach NDT students about real-time radiography. Much of the information has been incorporated into this Internet site. However, if it is desirable to have the information packaged together, the the booklet can be downloaded here at no cost.

Download Real-time Radiography Booklet, 1.2 MB, pdf