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Self-Evaluation Using Video

Self-evaluation is a very important learning method and teachers should encourage students to use it as a lifelong learning tool. One way to provide students with an opportunity for self-evaluation is with the use of video. Teachers can videotape the students making presentations so can see how they communicate information. Communication skills are very important and this is a very easy way to help students make improvements. It is usually best if the student is allowed to view the tape in private or with the instructor. This tends to lesson some of the added nervousness that the video camera will add to the already uncomfortable task of public speaking. However, the fact that the students will need to watch their own performance is often reason enough to do a little better job preparing for the presentation than usual.

Not only should teachers encourage students to assess themselves, but teachers should model it by doing it. Teachers can model self-assessment by videotaping their classroom lecture every once in a while. This shows the students that the teachers care about how they are teaching. This is a very good and non-threating way to learn about ones own qualities. The tapes can be reviewed in private and teachers can build off their strengths and improve upon their points of weaknesses. When students see teachers using the video as a means of self-evaluation, they will feel more comfortable using it themselves.















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