ASTM E1255 section 5.2 indicates that the purchaser and the supplier of radioscopic examination systems must agree mutually upon a written procedure with the applicable requirements. Other recommendations are as follows:

  1. Equipment qualifications (system features that must be qualified to ensure adequate performance).
  2. Test-object scan plan: Test-object orientations, motions, and speed of manipulation necessary to ensure that the examination will be thorough.
  3. Radioscopic parameter (focal-spot size, source-to-object distance, object-to-image plane distance, etc.).
  4. Image processing parameter (electronic noise reduction, contrast enhancement).
  5. Image display parameters (brightness, contrast focus, and image linearity).
  6. Accept/reject criteria (expected discontinuity types and rejection levels).
  7. Performance evaluation (qualification tests to ensure system capabilities).
  8. Image archiving requirements (for preserving and recalling the image at a later date).
  9. Minimum operator qualification.