Sample Positioning System

Part-handling equipment such as manipulators can make it possible to move, rotate, or tilt the item being inspected. In some instances, a conveyer satisfactorily moves parts through the X-ray cabinet for inspection. Five axis manipulators are available for maximum part manipulation. Stepper motors allow for very close control of the movement of the part. When a manipulator is selected, the maximum weight of the inspection item must be considered. Fixtures such as a chuck may be necessary to hold the part. In automatic inspection systems, the manipulator must be capable of being programmed to sequence properly so that all inspection points are covered. Devices used for fixtures must be materials not contributing to scatter radiation. A sample positioning system is shown in figure 14.

Motors can be used to control the orientation of the sample from outside of the x-ray containment area.
Figure 14. Photograph of a stepper motor controlled sample-positioning system with three degrees of movement.