Computer Interface

Many RTR systems are interfaced with computers for image manipulation and enhancement. The X-ray generator also can be interfaced with the computer via an RS232C serial data port. This means that all RTR controls are at the fingertips of the keyboard operator. This type of connector allows for serial communication between computers and peripheral equipment. The RS232C standard is set by the Electronics Industry Association (EIA) and controls the voltages and timing, among other things. The connector itself may be a DB25 connector (Figure 12) or a DB9 connector (Figure 13). This same connector is used to connect ultrasonic and eddy current machines to computers.

 DB25 connectors have 25 pins spread across 2 rows.
Figure 12. DB25 connector.
DB9 connectors have 9 pins across 2 rows.
Figure 13. DB9 connector.