Time-Dose Calculation

Limiting radiation expsoure times can limit radiation dosage.Dose = Dose Rate x Time

Example Calculations 1

A technician is in an area for 10 minutes and the reading on the survey meter is 5mR/h. What dose of radiation does the technician receive?

5mR/h / 60 min./h = 0.0833 mR/min.

0.0833 mR/min. x 10 minutes = 0.833 mR total dose.

Example Calculations 2

A technician wants to receive no more than a 1.0 mR dose knowing the above conditions. What is the maximum time the technician can stay in the area?

1.0 mR / 0.0833 mR/min. = 12 minutes

The calculated dosages would be approximations. The actual dosages may vary due to scattering and other considerations. The TLD or Film Badge should be used to determine dosage received by an individual.