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General Introduction to NDT Presentation

Nondestructive testing is a career field that is relatively obscure in the minds of the general public. The name seems totally self-explanatory, but most NDT professionals can relate to the experience of trying to explain what nondestructive testing means to family members, friends and acquaintances. Most students when considering career options are completely unaware that NDT is a very exciting and rewarding career field.

To help remedy the situation, an "Introduction to Nondestructive Testing" presentation has been prepared. The presentation is intended to be used by NDT professionals when they have the opportunity to address middle and high school classes, professional societies, or any other group willing to listen. The presentation can be downloaded and modified to meet the specific needs of the presenter.

All rights are reserved by the authors but the material may be freely used by individuals and organizations for general educational purposes. The materials may not be sold commercially, or used in commercial products or services. The presentation was prepared using PowerPoint 2002, so please note that some of the animation features may not function properly when used with a earlier version of the program.

Download Introduction to NDT Presentation ( 4.7 MB, ppt)

Comments about this presentation or contributions toward future presentations are welcome and should be sent to ndt-ed@cnde.iastate.edu

Note to NDT professionals: remember that making presentations can count towards recertification.