NDT Education Resources

The Science of Nondestructive Testing
Science seems to play an every increasing role in our society. The products that we buy and produce are becoming more technical and, therefore, jobs are becoming more technical. It is important to develop a good understanding of basic science. The materials at the links below have been developed to introduce some of the important scientific principles that are used in nondestructive testing. The materials were originally designed for middle and high school students, but students of all ages may find them useful for a review of information that may have become fuzzy or been forgotten with time.

NDT On-line
The NDT educational materials at the links below were developed to supplement materials currently used in college NDT programs. The materials contain some interactive Java applets which help illustrate important concepts and can be used as NDT calculators.

Materials and Processes Primer
Since NDT involves the testing of materials, it is important for NDT personnel to have a background in material science and the processes used to manufacture product from various materials. This section is intended to provide a basic introduction to material science.

Materials and Processes On-line

Math Refresher
Has it been a while since you've used your math skills? The following materials have been provided for those who have forgotten some of the basic rules of math and need a little refresher.



What to Study in Preparation for a College NDT Program
If you are a middle or high school student and have an interest in the field of nondestructive testing, take the link below to learn which high school classes will best prepare you for college NDT programs.

NDT Sounds Good! What Should I Study?

Colleges and Universities That Offer Courses in NDT
A number of universities, colleges and technical schools offer courses in NDT. The links below provide information on the schools and the types of education options available.

Where Can I Get an Education in NDT?

Two-year Associate of Applied Science Degree in NDT Technology

Scholarships and Other Financial Resources for Students
Need help funding your education in NDT? The link below will provide a few possible sources of assistance.

Scholarships and Grad Student Assistantships

The following link provides a list of books and other written resources that NDT instructors have found to be useful in understanding NDT. This is not a complete list of all the material that is available.

Recommenced NDT Books

Links to Sites with NDT Educational Resources and Information:
There is a lot of good educational materials out there on the World Wide Web, but sometimes it takes a while to find it. The following links will lead you to a few NDT, math and science resources that we have found to be useful..