What does frequency mean?

Another term used to describe a wave is frequency. Since waves are moving, we define frequency as the number of waves that pass a given point in a specified unit of time. The unit commonly used is Hertz which is the number of wave cycles pass a point in one second. So one cycle per second equals one Hertz. . The frequency of a wave is indirectly proportional to the wavelength of the radiation. This means that as one value goes up, the other goes down. You can see that as the wavelength increases, it takes longer for one complete wave to pass a point and, therefore, the frequency goes down.

Is the frequency of a wave the same the velocity of a wave?

Don't confuse the frequency of a wave with the speed of travel or velocity of a wave; they are not the same or even related. X and gamma rays and all other members of the electromagnetic spectrum, travel at the same speed, 186,000 miles per second. This speed is known as the speed of light, or actually the speed of electromagnetic radiation. Frequency describes how many complete wave cycles go flying by in one second.


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