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Do you ever wonder why a paper clip is attracted to a magnet? Do you ever wonder what a magnet is? Do you know what electricity is, how it is made, or how it is turned into useful energy to power a fan? If you have an interest in knowing the answers to these questions and many more like them, then you probably have an interest in science. Whether you have a slight curiosity or a burning desire to know the answers, your interest in science is important. Obviously Calvin's dad, in the comic strip below, does not know much about science.

Your involvement in science is important

Your involvement in science is important because our world is becoming increasingly technical and dependent on applied science. The more you know about science, the more you will understand about the world around you. Your knowledge about science will likely be useful for knowing why something has stopped working and what repairs may be needed. It may be hard to believe, but almost everything you learn will be useful to you at some time in your life. It may make you a more well-rounded and interesting person who can carry on a conversation. It may lead to an interesting hobby. A strong science background will most likely be important for your future careers.

Pop Cans and CDs

Things like pop cans and CDs, things we would not want to live without, are all products of science. Who knows where a science background will be useful? It will be essential if you become an engineer, scientist, science teacher, or follow some other science-related field. A science background is also very useful in occupations that involve transportation, entertainment, medicine and the law. In additions, all those support people, such as, secretaries, assistants, and graphic designers need science too. Since our world increasingly relies on technology, jobs are also becoming more technical.

At this point in your life you may not have decided what career field to pursue and that is okay. However, it is important that you keep developing your science and math skills so that your career options are kept wide open. You are probably not even aware of many of the technical fields in which you could develop careers. One of these lesser-known career fields that you will become more aware of through this material is nondestructive testing (NDT).