Io = Current * (Volts ^ 2) / (Distance ^ 2)
Current = Io * exp(-Mu * Thickness)
Exposure = Current * Time
Film density determined experimentally from Exposure.

First choose a material. Each material has a mass attenuation consatant, Mu. Next, the Voltage to the x-ray source needs to be set. Continue to fill in numbers for the rest of the variables. The current is the number of milli-Amps that flow to the source. After the Distance, Time, and Thickness have been set, press the Calculate button.

Note, the Io field is the initial intensity of the x-ray beam. The over and under exposure levels may be used to judge the degree of contrast in the resultant radiograph.

Caution: This app should be used for educational purposes ONLY and is NOT valid for scientific, medical or industrial purposes.