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Why Choose a Career in NDT?

NDT is an exciting, growing and high technology career field that is filled with opportunities. This page is designed to provide information about careers in NDT.

Watch a movie about NDT and careers in NDT

Why college is important

Ten good reasons to pursue a career in NDT

NDT Technology Graduate Placement & Pay Information

News Release from PQNDT on NDT Salaries (May 2003)

What do NDTers Do?

Click below to learn more about what people with NDT backgrounds do.

What do NDTers do?

What's the difference between a Technician and an Engineer?

Students exiting high school who want to enter the field of NDT need to make a choice between pursuing a career as an NDT technician or an engineer.

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Preparing for a Career in NDT

If you have an interest in starting a career in the field of nondestructive testing, take the link below to our education section. You will learn which high school classes will best prepare you for college NDT programs. You can also learn what your education options are and where you can find NDT classes and programs.

Education Information

Resume Preparation

The resume is very important when seeking employment.  It often give the employer their first impression of a job seeker.  If a resume make a good impression, it may mean a foot in the door.

Information on Preparing an Effective Resume

NDT Certification Info

Many industries and companies require personnel to be certified to perform certain NDT functions. To learn more about certification, take the link below.

NDT Certification

Links to Industry/Organization Sites with Career Information

A number of other Internet site have been found to provided valuable career related resources. These site provide information that ranges from job postings to resume preparation tips to cost of living indexes.

NDT Employment & Career Related Web Sites