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Other Internet Sites for NDT Career Information

Below are a few Internet sites that offer information that NDT professionals may find useful when searching for a job or exploring career options. Several of the sites offer job placement assistance, while others provide information on preparing resumes and honing interviewing skills. A few sites have also been included that may prove useful in evaluating job offers by providing information on cost of living and the quality of living in various areas. If you have found other sites out there on the World Wide Web to be useful in planning, starting or improving your career in NDT, please let us know about them.

Web Site
InspectionJobs.com is an on-line job board that focuses specifically on NDT and inspection professionals. The site has resources for both employers and job seekers.
NDT.org is also an on-line job board that focuses specifically on NDT and inspection professionals. The site has resources for both employers and job seekers.
The American Society for Nondestructive Testing has an employment resources section on their Internet site. This section contains an area where help wanted ads can be posted by employers, resumes can be posted by job seekers, or a resume may be entered into a resume referral database.
The Canadian Institute for NDE offers a jobs database on their Internet site. The database allows NDT companies to post notices of job openings and CINDE members to post resumes.
PQNDT (Personnel for Quality and Nondestructive Testing) is a commercial job placement company that focusses on the Quality and NDT communities. The PQNDT sites contains some very useful information such as salary survey results and career planning information. Registered users can take advantage of a number of job placement features such as posting a resume and searching help wanted notices.
This site offers recruitment and carrer advancement sources for employers, recruiters, and job seekers. It also contains classified listings for equipment, materials, and services for the NDT industry.
NDTcareers.com is a worldwide NDT careers search engine.
True Careers, Inc., is a national, online career service site. This site doesn't offer anything specifically geared towards the NDT professional but the "Career Resource Center" section contain information that those considering career options may find useful.
This site called "Quintessential Careers" offers advice on writing cover letters, preparing resumes, networking, interviewing, conducting salary negotiation, and more. Go to the "Career Resources Toolkit" or the "Career Tutorials."
The URLs to the left lead to US Department of Labor Web pages. The first address leads to the home page of the Dept. of Labor. This site contain a large variety of useful information for those considering career options. The second address leads to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The "Wages, Earnings & Benefits" section and the "Occupations" section are very useful. The third URL leads to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) information. The CPI is the prices paid by urban consumers for a representative basket of goods and services. Therefore, it is useful in helping to determine the cost of living for a particular area.
This site sponsored by Homestore.com offers useful information when considering relocation from one community to another. You can find out about the quality of schools and there is a cost of living calculator that is useful for determining if your current salary will buy you more or less if you move to a different area.
This site by Yahoo.com is similar to the one above. It contains information about various of communities such as their cost of living and quality of life that is useful when considering relocation.