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After reading this section you will be able to do the following:

  • List a variety of ways electricity affects our lives.

Electricity has a very large influence on our lives, but it is not well understood by many people. Electricity is used to power many of the things that we use every day. Below are some of the things that use electricity.

You probably do not have to think too hard to come up with some examples on your own, just look around you. Since electricity is so important to your life, you need to know something about it. This lesson will introduce you to some of the basic facts about electricity and electromagnetism. You will also learn a little about how electricity is used to find defects in critical parts before the parts break and cause problems. The instrument above in the lower right is called an Eddy Current Scope and it uses little electrical currents called "eddy currents" to find defects in things like jet engine parts. In the career field of nondestructive testing or NDT, engineers and technicians use eddy current inspection to inspect a lot of different things and to make measurements. You will learn more about NDT in the following pages.


  1. Many everyday household devices use electricity.
  2. Without electricity, our lives would be very different and in many cases more difficult.
  3. Eddy current testing uses electricity to find defects in parts and materials.